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> Straight Out Of Our LABS (just released)
Application Name: Corona Tracker   Version: 2.0
Author: Anachronist   Classification: Custom Mod
Release Date: April 3, 2020
This BBS mod tracks the developing statistics of the COVID-19 outbreak across the world as well as detailed statistics for the top five countries most affected. It's my hope that this mod will not be needed soon, but for now this helps us and our callers keep our fingers on the pulse of the pandemic.
Download Links:
Mystic/Other (Win/Linux - Python): PN-CTRACKERMv2.zip

C-NET (Amiga - ARexx): PN-CTRACKERCv2.zip

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Our talented team supports BBS packages such as Mystic (http://www.mysticbbs.com), Enigma 1/2 (https://enigma-bbs.github.io/), Synchronet (http://www.synchro.net/), DayDream (https://github.com/ryanfantus/daydream), C-NET (Logon to Future World II BBS - telnet: fw2.cnetbbs.net:6800 - for latest release), PCBoard, and WildCat. Some of these BBS packages are no longer in development or supported by their original authors, but many Sysops are still running the software till this day. Send a little appreciation to these amazing BBS authors who help YOUR hobby become a reality by THANKING THEM for all their hardwork. Send them some LOVE .